CERT Book Bundle
CERT Book Bundle
CERT Book Bundle
CERT Book Bundle

CERT Book Bundle

Organization and good note taking is essential in disaster situations. This set includes all necessary CERT forms and informative operating guide. 

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  • 1 - CERT All Weather Field Operating Guide
    • This 96 – all weather – page book contains FEMA and CERT based information and will hold up in all weather situations.
    • Each Book includes the following forms: Quick Reference Charts – Disaster Preparedness Overview – Disaster Medical Operations – Fire Fighting – Search and rescue – Flood Training – Disaster Review Sheets – CERT Organization – Personal Information.
  • 1 - CERT All Weather Forms Book
    • Each page is pre-perforated so pages can be easily removed. Each Book includes the following forms
      • Damage Assessment
      • Personal Resources
      • Equipment Resources
      • Incident Briefing Forms
      • Post Incident Status Forms
      • Victim Treatment Area Records
      • Assignment Status Forms
      • Message Forms – Universal Grid Page.
  • 1 - CERT "Rite in the Rain" Notebook
    • A unique All-Weather Writing paper created to shed water an enhance the written image. It is widely used throughout the world for recording critical field data in all kinds of weather.
  • 2 - CERT Logo 25 Page Note Pad